About Us

Chebel Bsaibes

Chebel Bsaibes

President & CEO - Amana Investments

Amana’s commitment to total client satisfaction begins with our vision of becoming the preeminent leader of fast track construction in the Gulf industrial and commercial marketplace, delivering complete solutions to our client. We firmly believe that our ability to achieve our vision is dependent on satisfying and retaining our professional customers who understand and value the element of time savings.

We also firmly believe that our diverse workforce and network of suppliers and subcontractors with innovative ideas, backgrounds and know how is a necessary ingredient to the success of our mission.

To be highly successful in the competitive Gulf market and to sustain our competitive advantage we have invested heavily in developing our proprietary information technology platform which serves as our ERP and our project collaboration tool.

Integrity, reliability, and accountability are deeply embodied in our company values and our human resource policies. It is the mission of our top management to safeguard the interests of our clients and our employees since the former is our future wealth and the latter is our intellectual asset.

Our competitive advantage will always be maintained by:

  • Our firm intention of retaining our clients.
  • Our ability to attract, retain, develop and support a world-class workforce that is well trained to meet the challenges of the future.
  • Our commitment to allow every employee to attain his/her full potential.
  • Our passion for always thriving on our innovative thinking.
  • Our effective engagement with our joint-venture partners.

We are committed to positively impact the quality of life in which we operate and from where our diverse workforce comes.